01 January, 2021

An Eggy Ending to 2020

One thing about living with COVID this year, it has become very apparent that had I not started meditation and a spiritual path long ago I would feel a lot more like scrambled eggs. From almost at onset, I just adjusted to the new reality. Very much akin to how I adjust to my aging body. With this comes a better relationship with my partner with less friction and more freedom when I don't expect anything to be different then it is right now. I managed to get away to see family earlier(safely), and sit a 10-day Vipassana all the time in cells in a self-course.
In between, gyms are closed and so we moved to hiking outdoors in beautiful places and that is where I found the golden egg when walking off the beaten path. It must be an artist piece cleverly placed out of the way.
With my new reality, is the realization that my near death was like a re-boot, shaking up enough so I can get busy and make a change before I leave this planet. Looking at my experience with all I know now, would include a re-joining of my own consciousness with all consciousness. If this makes no sense, bear in mind you don't miss your body and the feeling is like being wrapped in love, devoid of fear and memories of emotional or physical pain. This did help to make important decisions with my partner from the get go, but not so obvious at the time in the past, just "eggs"amining what we have now. By the way the golden egg we found was about 7" x 12", bigger than my head!

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