30 April, 2008

Mean Green

Sorry about hiatus, I had to research and deal with health issues. It all came out fine, but I had to spend $1000 (with healthcare) by seeing various doctors. It really helps to know about your health before you see a Doctor, because they don’t have much time to discuss. Knowledge is power and I am right there. In the middle of my research, I got my vaccines updated for an upcoming trip to Thailand and upkeep on my “old soul.” I kept busy with a little bit of everything, work, seeing friends and making new ones. It is work to keep fit, especially with strokes but is my soul source of “medicine” besides meditation as I take no prescriptions. Today on BBC, I read about a man who grew a new finger, with new extra cellular matrix. Who knows maybe they can figure out how I can regrow my brain where it is damaged and feeling will return. This next month I will spend with my partner, and he will be working, so I will have time to shoot when we are not together. Hopefully, I will share some of them here.
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