16 March, 2013

Land of Many Beeps, Ceylon

Buddha In Sri Lanka, Dickwela, Wewurukannala Vihara temple

 Spending a month in Sri Lanka, with few plans bordering around an old desire to find a house and live here. We know that dreams are meant to be broken, and after careful consideration of what is now available, and with law changes it looks like for me this would be foolish.I also had a firm talking to by a Sri Lankan friend, plus met a couple who's friend lost the house she owned for ten years to a Sri Lankan renter, plus all her lawyer fees here.  Surely I could rent here cheaply and walk away with less a stake. As a walking ATM unless I lived in a secluded place, I would be subjected to friendly inquiries constantly with the hopes of gathering some loose money I had. This proved to be a difficult harassment for a damaged brain with aphasia. I could smile and be fun too only for about 4 hours or less hours a day, then it became overwhelming input. If I rest and nap daily I could manage all day, but it took it all out of me.

 Large Buddha at Wewurukannala Vihara temple

My partner came here for 8 days leave to join me, and when He started back, I amended plans to see less, and settle in a southern, nearly empty beach resort to rest before coming back to our condo in Bangkok. I could stay another month here to explore, but it seems selfish to my partner, who likes to have me around for the illusion of safety. I can return next trip here, but the island is changing like all things, and with their new airport in the south, this empty place off season will be full of Europeans on less expensive Emirates flights. This resort is in the middle of construction, some parts show tsunami damage, coconut palm trees severed or laying down nearly flat and still growing. I canoed yesterday late afternoon in a long sea fed lagoon as the sole person, far away I saw a local  fisherman, I avoided his nets and let him be.

I have explored nearby, and might hop on a bus to see a bit further away, a quiet beach-port with a famous temple near the sea built to mark where a ancient queen came ashore after being cast to the sea. Great time to see now that it is off season, and with more peace of my damaged brain. Still when explained what happened to my speech, no one has the faintest idea how difficult input is to me, especially mass input that you can filter easily to wanted vs. unwanted. I would cease all speech and write, but it is hard to so on buses and dealing with getting things done with many things in hand.

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