14 July, 2016

You Are Determining Your Reality — Mooji

“When you make I a person, you welcome all the family. I will bring all the cousins, the aunties and the drunk friends.” 

For those meditators, you might like this better, an article by Anadi, Meditation: The State of Intimacy. 
Some experiential wisdom from me: If the choice or is reading about or watching a video on wisdom and meditation ....go for the meditation because life is short and soon one might be unable to sit down with yourself because the body or the mind will put up a fight.

More Wisdom from Ajahn Passano along the same lines:
Directing Attention in a Skillful Way 
April 2005

Learning how to meditate—how to develop the mind—is learning how to direct attention in a skillful way. Whatever we direct our attention toward becomes our reality. If we like, we can direct attention to all the chaos in the world or to the chaos of our own personal dramas. But we don’t have to do that. We can instead direct our minds to contemplate our experiences as merely form, feeling, perception, mental formations, and consciousness. We can direct our attention in other skillful ways as well—toward objects that soothe the mind and conduce to peace and clarity. It’s simple: We can incline the mind toward what is wholesome or what is troublesome. The choice we make is up to each one of us.
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