23 May, 2013

Beauty Found in Observing

I will sit again in a ten-day Vipassana soon, and often people ask me what is my goal, “This time?” The people that ask this are not meditators, so I often don’t know how to answer in a way they can understand. I really enjoy not doing, and the relaxation of all that tempts you to not to be quiet.

Just observe my photos for a few seconds.
What do they first trigger in your brain before a story hits…a feeling? …a memory? ...a desire, perhaps? These photos only represent to you, what you deem is important. Then come up with a guess about the story around each one, if you like. You are your own master. You know the first thing that comes up as a feeling will probably determine the story.

Just like when I meditate I observe any feeling, thought or image while my body can give feedback as to the value I place on each, at that time. The brain/body connection can its work their magic when I either present a relaxation or tightening around each. I don’t have to do anything but observe, 
like you are doing now(double-click to enlarge).

18 May, 2013

Wisdom, Caught Me Blaming

A Galle Sweep
When I wrote Trusting Again ...to Resolve Old Issues, I wove my father’s influence into the story, when in fact the whole experience had nothing to do with the past. It may have made it interesting, but it was made up as far as his influence, but not what occurred. He never came up, and although I learned some of my reactions from him this was about as far removed from anything he said or did. Instead of just living things as they are, and learning from them… I deflected. Of course, one of the precepts addressing false speech combined with my natural wisdom, it began to feel like I need to address this before moving on. Blaming others, will never produce the wisdom I so desire, so this was announcing its ignorance in a kind of achy way. Ironically, that is when I came upon a great Dalai Lama quote, “When you think everything is someone else's fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” Perhaps, I was ready to listen. 

shows me his Yoga moves

 Hopefully, I can now proceed with the wisdom that everything that I encounter and thus experience is my own doing. In the case of that Tuk-Tuk driver, I ignored early signs that he was not truthful hoping for a local connection while there that could help me with my decision to buy or not. He did serve a purpose to steer me away from buying there and for this I am grateful, but it certainly was not his intention. As we travel through life regardless of how many family members and friends we have we are really solo... and at times it can be more pronounced. So, I ought to use that time to really feel things out and let the wisdom naturally come to the surface. Any sadness I had about the outcome was first built around pity for him and then feeling alone again with my decision. This probably led me to blame. Still running for that wisdom bus.

Bambi Bus

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