23 May, 2013

Beauty Found in Observing

I will sit again in a ten-day Vipassana soon, and often people ask me what is my goal, “This time?” The people that ask this are not meditators, so I often don’t know how to answer in a way they can understand. I really enjoy not doing, and the relaxation of all that tempts you to not to be quiet.

Just observe my photos for a few seconds.
What do they first trigger in your brain before a story hits…a feeling? …a memory? ...a desire, perhaps? These photos only represent to you, what you deem is important. Then come up with a guess about the story around each one, if you like. You are your own master. You know the first thing that comes up as a feeling will probably determine the story.

Just like when I meditate I observe any feeling, thought or image while my body can give feedback as to the value I place on each, at that time. The brain/body connection can its work their magic when I either present a relaxation or tightening around each. I don’t have to do anything but observe, 
like you are doing now(double-click to enlarge).

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