11 June, 2013

Do We Always Have to Sell Ourselves to Others?

I was talking to a stranger in a coffee shop, lately and came to the realization I was trying to sell myself…early in the conversation. Trying to get him to find something interesting enough in me, to continue talking. This was not a beauty contest nor was he a love interest that would spin this into a whole separate problem. I just wanted to give him a teaser as to the man behind the fucked up voice. At least the fact that he was a Vipassana meditator made it a whole lot easier. I was thinking while talking to him, that what we all really need is to shut up and feel each other’s intent coming from our heart. Our heart will tell us where to go with this anyway. Let’s all let the silence not disarm us but instead inform us as to the full capabilities of the mind/body spirit.  Perhaps a satisfaction beyond what anything most of us has experienced in the past. You can recall a child before he was told what everything, and fed with tons of fears would get a glow of intense curiosity just seeing a new person. 
Most of us walk into every situation with a face forward, one-dimensional approach throwing away ¾ of the feedback our mind/body is able to perceive all around us.  With check-list of everything we require at the moment, which is so specially targeted to our moods and past disappointments in life. This sets up a high potential to fail instantaneously if any expression or word is not to our liking. It is desire that screws everything up, first and foremost.

That will mean that we almost have to shut-up or least I think I should more often. You are your own master. Maybe that alone will naturally let compassion flow easier once we open all avenues for feedback that we are capable of. Truly, get to understand the world and our connection with others.

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Shirley Fornaseri said...

u always know what i need to hear Was just getting prepared to speak to someone about what I thought was important and than I read your blog. U are so right on.

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