29 June, 2013

When It Goes Dead Wrong

Recently, I went to the airport, and being in the last part of the plane, ended up having to check my  carry-on at the aircraft door. I did not throw a fit, just explained that it was a tight connection, so I would not have enough time to get my luggage before my connecting flight. I hand the women my boarding pass with my final destination, because I saw this coming on when our plane announced it was leaving late. I had gone to the counter to see if I can make my connecting flight and was given the other boarding pass. All this was done with a calm and polite manner not with any threats or disgust.

Sure enough upon arriving no luggage appeared and I watched a few people in my family get out of sorts...I used to be that person. I kept reflecting that if this is the worse thing I encounter this day, I will be so lucky. Then, I overheard another woman who lost luggage and not only did it have her medications in it, she was leaving for a cruise the following day. She also was calm in her approach but her daughter with her to pick her up was getting bent out of shape. Of course,  I watched the mind throw fear of losing the important papers and gifts inside my unlocked bag, I immediately went to the wisdom of not knowing until it is concretely resolved. The fear was experienced and let go of.
I could see first hand how a situation like war gets started, and the personal at this end had nothing to do with the mistakes or errors. One is so quick to share their gifts of anger and disappointment with others, and yet when things are good they think they deserve it and don't share the best. Last week I having a good couple of days, and made the decision to bring fresh chocolate chip cookies to personal at my gym, knowing they have to deal with displeasure often. At my acupuncture clinic, who provide me with a discounted day to get a treatment,  I found that their toilet was leaking, bought the part and fixed it for then free, saving them a $100 dollar plumbing call. I know my time is limited for this life and these small gestures will plant a seed of happiness in someone for them to share. Isn't that what we want to experience? 
Oh, by the way the airline on the phone this morning inquiring about the lost piece and they said they will deliver the luggage to the house, saving me gas and an hour drive if I can be patient and wait until later. I said, "Sure and Thanks so much."


Jeff Chandler said...

Loved this! It is all too easy to get frustrated and angry with daily challenges isn't it. There's a lot to be said for keeping calm and knowing that everything is as it should be. Hope all's well.

Was Once said...

I once said, my dying words will be …."oh, I get it!"

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