30 March, 2008

Venturing Out

I quickly took off to gather some family history over the last couple of weeks when a friend said he drive with me. It is not planned, and it made for a mini-adventure when you pack and get ready in less than an hour, and end up away for two weeks. It also gave me the chance to work on trying to not being attached to any one thing or outcome. I connected with family and friends and even got some work in the process. I came back and found some music that I liked, One that is a fun old 30’s French music by Charles Trenet that has just been remastered, and the other much more melancholy by Bliss. Maybe sad to some but it helps me discover what drives me. I can listen to this one night and the next take off on a long bike ride, happy and inspired. This past Saturday, I did spend a day meditating at my temple to help send positive energy to those around me, and hopefully putting out some of the self-cherishing flame inside. I distributed the old history to my siblings that have children because I feel as a gay man family history ends here. Not saddened by this, just matter of fact.

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