22 January, 2009

Chain of Events

A great chain of events in history, Obama’s inaug-uration made me recall links of my life.

I was saying to my friends that Bush’s errors enabled Obama to succeed him, and thank him.
When I was 14, I decided to bus across the US with a friend over the summer from Florida to California and back. This had duel purpose to travel see the west and to avoid my father. The first night we were driving through Jackson County, Florida in the panhandle. I saw red lights flashing in the surrounding trees. The bus was being followed by the police. Why, I thought? I heard the African-american driver say he wasn’t speeding and won’t stop in this county because they are well known racists. This went on for a while, and I guess he was blocked up ahead, and they forced us over at which time the police stormed the bus, and forcefully dragged him out of the bus. Some of the passengers, including me debarked to watch what was happening. They were using a bully club to beat the driver, and told us to get back in the bus. A german girl and I, along two other passengers stayed outside aghast at what was happening. Several times we were caught yelling..NO, NO, NO ! Again, with a southern drawl one officer demanding we return to the bus and started to raise a baton at us. I got to see his name badge, he was that close. He said, “Greyhound will have to get you another driver.” I knew from the fear the driver exhibited on the bus before we were pulled over, this is the deadly south. I also have traveled in the south in the 70’s as a boy, witnessed the hatred. So I was on it with these officers, and it was hideous when they dragged him to the rear of the bus so we could not see, so I made a lot of mental notes. I felt so helpless knowing what was going on. When we got to next station driven with a new driver, I called up Greyhound and put my name on for witness to this scene. They took a deposition later when I got to my destination of California, and I returned alone when my friend chickened out. I grew up that trip, and realized that no matter how difficult my life is, there is far worse out there. It enabled me to leave and work away other summers. So, this inauguration moves many of us to acknowledge how far we all have come.
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