09 December, 2011

The Purpose of Samadhi

“So we see that it is most important to know about our self. How we came to be born, how we will be reborn, and when we sleep and dream what is the cause and condition for it. And again, when our thought flash here and there each moment, what it is all about.

Now that which flashes here and there in thought is called the heart. Before coming here, when still at home, your thought had already flashed here, is that not correct? And the next instant, did it not flash off to other things elsewhere? Now you are seated here, your thoughts flash back home, and elsewhere...

The purpose of is Samadhi to control these flashings of the ‘heart’. If we are able to control these flashings and keep the mind still, then he mind will attain to great power, to great utility, to great purity, and be able to achieve whatsoever the mind intends. The mind which is uncontrolled, flashing here and there, is a force which is being wasted in all directions, like a river flowing from the heights, which channelling off into streams and tributaries loses its original impetus and force. If this force were to be damned up, the power would be indeed great and could turn a great machine. So it is with the concentrated and controlled mind....”

— Teachings of
the Venerable Chao Khun Monkol-Thepmuni, Wat Pak Nam


spldbch said...

The ultimate goal is to control the wanderings of the "heart," but a good start is to just notice them...

Was Once said...

Yes, I agree totally and have found it becomes apparent when you meditate daily like a half-hour or more. It also helps to do a 10-day Vipassana, you quickly get feedback in your body from where your mind travels.
My biggest regret is not doing this sooner, yet I knew of it since my early 20's. But we all have to start somewhere, a failing or a tragedy to jump start it...that unless wisdom falls into your lap easy.

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