23 July, 2012

No One Asked for My Opinion

I felt it is about time to apologize... to everyone I have thrown my opinion out at warp speed, never giving him or her the chance to duck. I caught myself, early today with someone, and it was never burped up.....the miracle of consciousness.  This provided the almost instant feedback of making the other person happier, because I approached the day with joy with the idea of spreading joy instead of smearing them with one of my opinions ( cleverly disguised negativity, NOT ). I took it further all day, to set aside my happiness for others all day…the self took a back seat, if it just a bit at first. This will take vigilance to be aware and continue. This was born out of years of meditation...a hint of the wisdom that lies dormant inside of us. The feedback with strangers was pleasant and connected, they felt my intention...yup, I am a slow learner. Far more strangers engaged with me...Bingo! I had the key, but misplaced it for so many years.
My apology, based on how novice monks/nuns atone to Bhikkhu/Bhukkhuni’s:
All harmful acts, words and thoughts, ever committed by me since of old…on account of beginning-less greed, anger and ignorance… born of my body, speech and mind… Now, I atone for them all.
"wisdom grows" Wat Pak Nam
We all born into this life, and move towards happiness in our own way based on what we have been exposed to and karma. My path is NEVER anyone else’s way and to top it off, they never asked meI will try better, and will keep the fact in mind that if I want more joy in life, then it starts right here.


spldbch said...

I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself too, especially since I tend to be rather opinionated. It does require a conscious effort to catch myself before I dump my opinion on someone who didn't ask for it. It's definitely a work in progress.

Was Once said...

My partner rarely does this, so when I do it....it really stands out. May be a security thing learned from my opinionated, alcoholic father, as we are what we learn.

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