20 July, 2008

Adopt to Give a Better Life

I spoke with my partner about possibly setting a time frame to move to Thailand. He said when we live together we will take his immature sister’s twin boys to take care of them. This is so we can make sure they do well in school and have a better future than she would have provided. They were an ‘accident,’ and I have known about them since before they were born. I carried them when little, so they know me as grandpa farang. If they stay in their home village they end up being laborers with less schooling. There are few roll models around that push school. At times I have helped with money for their school at times. But since my partner is not there making sure they are diligent, their future is less than rosy. I also worry about them since their Father is out the picture, and their Mom is often in Sweden with new husband…leaving them with grandma. My mother-in-law knows I love her son, and trusts us with the twins and can rule over any concern her daughter has. One thing nice about having to do most of the care of the two boys, Grandma reigns.

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