17 July, 2008

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

The problem with coming back after a great time with my partner, is that home becomes a lot less like home. You are such in a fog of jet lag and delirious behavior that you can’t really focus. I flew out again after four days to see family after quickly doing all my bills. I do marvel at the fact that super shuttle has shown me more of my city, that I would not normally see. The return trips are even more a mad hatters ride of non-sense. They logged in my zip code(to make me feel that they got this under control), 15 minutes later told me which van to get on, and sure enough I went downtown with tourists far from my home. So, I decided to ask the driver once they all got out, if he could stop by an ATM to pay him. I even toyed with the idea of asking him, if he wanted to stop for a drink. But he looked as happy as I was and I nixed the idea. Since we drove way across town with me alone, effectively canceling any time savings I would have by not walking home from the airport. It never makes sense when my house is the closest to the airport freeway, and normally I would be first in, first out. So, I took this as yet another lesson in patience and put on the ipod.
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