20 August, 2009

Not An Island

This came to me after a dinner conversation when someone said something that seemed like a wrong term. It started a heated argument with three of us. I found myself feeling insulted and agitated. By accepting these words as valid, then I am, in effect, playing dumb. I am not as stupid as they are, I must be thinking in my head. What an ego! I wondered later why, while in meditation, did I take offense, as it was not directed as an insult to me. Later, I asked a Dr. friend for the correct answer, and I was correct. But at what price to be right and be myself? I began to think about the individual or the self, the hard line that seems to separate us from others. We are not them! Especially in the US, we so proud of our individualism. We tattoo our skin, dye our hair, and pierce our skin to define us as a unique individual. Getting offended if someone is like us, and on the other hand wanting people to agree with us. But, in fact, we do not or cannot exist without others. We share the same needs, desires for happiness, and fears.
Looking all around, every time we go anywhere for somebody to recognize us. Seeking others that we need. We want to loved by the same people we are trying to define ourselves as being different from. Now, how silly does it sound now? I’m certainly guilty of this, and am still not wise now as I write this. Ship this island some wisdom, please.


Anonymous said...

that is a really beautiful spot where is it located? is it a monastery if so i would love some info on it

be well


Was Once said...

The only privately owned island in Sri Lanka, Taprobane was built in the 1920's by the eccentric English Count de Mauny as his dream home. It was subsequently owned and visited by various artists and celebrities including Robin Maugham, Paul Bowles, Arthur C. Clarke, and Peggy Guggenheim.
look here:

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