04 September, 2009

Looking Out and Seeing Yourself

I went to temple last night while away from home and left a little early to make sure I could find it. My luck, there were the remains of an accident blocking my exit off the freeway, and I spent 20 minutes pinned waiting for it to be re-routed. I thought what a good time to practice patience, and if I am late no one will care because they don’t know me. While waiting in the car I practiced my Pali chants and worked through a set three times. When I pulled up to a full parking lot one fellow sangha member greeted me with a smiling face, and I knew I was in the right place. I left to find a place to park nearby.
The talk centered with the fact that if one wants happiness they must approach the world with a warm heart. One can only do that by finding positives in others and greet them as you would a close friend. And instead of finding faults in others.. to turn it around and work on your own faults. The point that made me reflect was: How can one complain about others complaining. Bingo, this was me! Something I can definitely work on. I confess I do this way too much, and some friends say I am just a doer, which they just possibly can’t be. I think by them saying this, they are in effect saying to get off their case. I did not learn to speak again to harass people.

Now for some fun: Mr. Dan Philips  is a guy making homes out of scrap with an artful flair while working with the owners. Hats off to yet another “hidden” artist in One Man's Trash. The slide show of his recycled homes is here.


Kyle said...

Love your blog! I added it to my blog roll. :-)

Was Once said...

Thanks, I am just trying to die...as a wise and happy person and so far dhamma has helped me see myself in a clear light

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