20 May, 2010

A Monk's Story

Inspirational Shan Monk Phra Wierote is abbot of a temple-school along the Burma border. Having lived through many hardships he now lives his life dedicated to serving the many young ones in his care.

Yesterday, I drove a Buddhist Nun to a dhamma talk and a sit. During her talk this came to me when answering someone's question about the danger of becoming attached to a particular outcome. There is beauty in tragedy. That is... even if it is not what we want at that time, one begins to see the beauty of a viewpoint previously unseen or unfelt before. We often can't change the tragedies of life, but hopefully we might understand or integrate them in a whole new way.

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Marguerite Manteau-Rao said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to discover your blog - thanks to your visit at my blog!

I appreciate your courage, and wisdom, and fortitude, so very much. You definitely know the First Noble Truth inside out . . . Your story reminds me of Ram Dass.

You have inspired me tonight.

Much gratitude, and deep bow.

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