02 August, 2012

Act Like How You Want to Feel

For the longest time, I used to think that positive upbeat people were the product of good parenting, extra cash, or born on the right day. What was I missing? Whatever it was, I did not have it. Looking in all the wrong places for so many years, and it was right in front of me. Just look in the mirror and smile ....taking yourself too seriously puts off a negative vibe. I thought that I had a great excuse why not, since I've had two strokes leaving me with facial weakness and numbness. Bullshit! Even smiling with a kooky, crooked smile is infectious and immediately relaxes others and they will laugh with you....and not at you. Give it up and go over to a mirror and smile, we are all soon dead and it is so hard to smile with a mouthful of dirt.

A by-product of relaxing the self, is one carries less tension in their body. Today in yoga class, I smiled at myself(not out of pride) and whenever I slipped from a pose laughed. After class finished, a woman came up to me who is constantly negative, smiling and said her new nickname for me is "rubber band man." That was a change for her, so it helps others.


spldbch said...

Forcing yourself to smile when you're angry or upset is very difficult. It is also worth the effort because it immediately puts you in a better mood.

Justin Meyers said...

I recently read that Bhutan measures their success as a kingdom on a happiness meter. How wonderful is that?

Was Once said...

Check out this long retreat talk with Bentinho Massaro.
I really appreciate his wisdom about "shining."
Short on time? Then start at 1:30 min.

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