10 September, 2012

Do We Really Have a Choice?

There are quite a few things in life I have encountered where I definitely had no choice in. These include being gay, my brain injury, being numb on half my body, my successes in work and failures in life or even the parents I have. But give me a choice between that which occurred, and the potentials that are out there, I think nature is right on track with what I need to experience to access some of the wisdom that I so desire.  I feel pretty lucky that I wasn’t given my choices before they happened, because I used to imagine a stroke as the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Well, I've had two strokes at the same time, and still have the ability or not to make foolish choices. Off for another 10-day Vipassana, here in Thailand to further unravel the self and fully arrive here in this humidity.


Farmer monk said...

I'm with you. I think doing what we want is slavery. If I were to make every "choice" that came to mind, I'd be off in the ten directions.

And the choices we think we make are only the choices within our narrow view, so what's that worth?

Shit is happening, but it's not happening to me.

spldbch said...

I don't think anyone would choose hardship if they were given a choice. And yet, these are the experiences that force us to grow.

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