25 November, 2012

Naive Blog Motivations?

When I started this blog, it was based on the idea that I had something to share. One, to give my partner an idea of what my motivations are. Two, was to help others find their way, and that it can be done even if one encounters the unthinkable with their health, and the deck of cards they are dealt. Like... just look at me, if this sad sack can take the ball and roll with it, you can too. It just takes a lot of self reflection in meditation and try what you never tried before...along the lines that if all else fails, get up and keep walking...towards wisdom, of course.

Well, my partner loves me and really has no reason to read this now or later, when I am gone, he lives by pure intention and the right now. He has no doubts. And others, my guess, either say “good for you” or “that's interesting” and go about their lives. No one will attempt any change until they have exhausted every option. At one's own time and direction.
At the same time I have slowed down on taking photos with a reminder I saw last year. I went to a house estate sale of a man who died alone, he was a tour agent and took many upper income ladies on exotic trips. His nice photos lay in boxes to be disposed of, and some young “queen” was picking through a few to find the outrageous 60's looks to hang at home in a campy display of past chic. In other words our past has no value, really except to motivate positive change.

"Meditate, meditate, let go of all those things
you have been doing for so long,
stop doing them and meditate!"
He(Bhuddha) wants to encourage and teach others, also.
But if you go and do that,
you destroy your meditation.
Don't stop to go and teach. Just continue your practice.
Don't encourage other people. You can do that later.
But it is very hard not to that;
it is very hard to resist.

— Fourth Insight, A Map of the Journey,
talks by Sayadaw U Jotika


Mind Of Mine said...

Is this your way of saying goodbye?

Was Once said...

Still not sure yet, I have had one or two insights in the past month, debating whether worth writing about and so with my mindset it kind of feels pointless.
But you never know. Some things happen at their own pace and with their own longevity.

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