11 June, 2008

A New Temple

I was out shooting a Chinese cemetery that I saw from the skytrain. It was full of dogs, and desecrated tombs, I guess, by people looking for something to sell. Thai’s usually cremate their dead, and I want this to be done to me too, after medical science gets their hands on me. It would be interesting for neuro-science to see how the brain rewires after my bi-lateral strokes(see first entry). Back to the cemetery…. Lalala. It always makes me more aware of my death and the need to make the best out of life. The following day I went to Chinatown here in Bangkok to Wat Traimit that houses the golden Buddha in a very mundane temple. I have been there several times, and I wanted to see the progress on the new temple. It’s a 13th century Buddha that is solid gold that was covered in limestone plaster to keep it safe from Burmese invaders.
Later a monk saw a glint of yellow after it slipped from the crane when being moved to a new location. Fast forward to today, with my passing in my head I decided it would be good to give to the new temple fund in my partners name. It started to rain fiercely, so I hung out in at the temple office, and spoke to the head monk and a Thai doctor who came to donate much more.

I am hoping that the new temple might inspire one new person to read Dharma. I am sad I will miss the moving of it to the new temple this September. A great photo opportunity plus an important event on a temple dedicated to the King’s 80th birthday.

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