05 September, 2008

Buddhas are Everywhere

I was talking to my local crossing guard on a nice day, and she mentioned she also worked at an international school cooking for the kids. She very often gets extras that the kids don’t eat. She gave me two soups and a bagel and cream cheese. These kids eat well, because it is a private school. She said she would leave me extras whenever she has some. What a nice treat!

Meanwhile, my partner has been having some medical issues around his hereditary blood disorder. A close call when he was 20, and now it seems to have come back after an over the counter flu drug made him turn yellow after a two pills. Now he is healthy eater, works out, and doesn’t drink but this goes beyond a fluke. This is a sign his liver is not functioning well, so I said you have to get a blood test to measure your red blood cells. This will determine the course of events for treatment which my include transfusions and/or iron chelators. But his work health insurance is lousy and the doctors mean. I think they work against him, so he can’t depend on them to give him the correct diagnosis. So I sent money to him to go to a private hospital, which I have been to. The many problems of the developing world, people’s lives are dispensable. It is so hard when you love someone and you not right there when they need you. Hopefully soon enough I will be, meanwhile I will make sure he gets what he needs.

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