26 March, 2009

Blessings from an Inspiration

With a suggestion by a friend from Yoga, I went to go get a blessing from Sri Karunamayi, a female bodhisattva like Amma who builds homes for the poor in India. She was happy and blissful during the prayer and wishes, which kept the morning light. Not that I am a spiritual junky, but when one is the path to enlightenment it is always good to be in the presence of one who gives their whole life for others. If only for an inspiration, but first-hand contact(or first-head contact which is more correct) leads me to let down more of the self-cherishing, I often wrap myself in. I even drank the spiritual milk that flowed which is not to be confused with the spiritual cool-aid that felled so many with the Jim Jones farce. It was a treat to see so many Indian children, who dressed in white were like little cherubs. Funny, wise, and awestruck they provided my entertainment beyond the beautiful Hindu prayers. You should just go see or hear a prayer ceremony just to get out of your safe little confines. So, for me it like a blessing n’ danna, not wanting to be a disciple but appreciating where they are going. They have similar positive compassionate goals as my Buddhist teachings so it feels like a missing brother or sister. Plus jokingly, my partner is always saying he is 30% Hindu/70% Buddhist …it gave me a taste of his alter ego. Namaste

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