21 March, 2009

Spider Update and Firm Intention

Spider update, I had one adult and two children, so I guess the last one left me with more friends. Mom is out scouting, while the kids are trying to get the hand of repelling from my upper right ceiling. I grabbed Mom and lifted her higher before turning on the water.

On to more important things, my partner registered for a University Masters Program and I am enjoying his excitement to do what was only a dream for him. That he thought would never come true. Along with daily meditation for a minimum of 1/2 hour a day since last Oct which allows me the time to reflect on every thought that comes into my head. Some days it is easy, to pull away and find the clear space…other days it may be busy in there, taking longer to settle down. It does become easier to access this clarity. And the desire to analyze who and what, I think I am. My waking life I see more and more times of happiness and letting go of the need to say something critical to mask my unhappiness. I do think before I speak more often than not, also trying to find a positive mind and project my internal happiness. When I do I find many more people, especially ones I don’t know talk to me, because my body language is as loving as my mind. All this combined with dharma is conscious work and I have long way to go. With the positive feedback I see and feel …it is no longer a stab in the dark. I just keep placed in my mind the few times I have met realized happy people and felt the unbelievable love combined lack of body language that says stay away. I will get there with firm intentions and a spiritual guide.

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