06 March, 2009

Good Morning, Spider!

There has been a house spider hanging above my shower for a couple of weeks. When I shower, he pretty much stays up high close to the ceiling, but a few times I’ll find him coming down to do some scouting for some chow. When I am showering, I make sure to scare him back up if he comes down, so he doesn’t end up with shower water spiraling down the drain. I am so used to it, that I find myself saying good morning when I hop in the shower in the morning. I make sure to leave a window open to allow prey to fly in, and few times found some ants or flies around the house to feed him. Well, today I found him dead and very dry…I guess got one in his golden years. So, I put him outside in bushes to be prey for another. It's almost spring so I be able to make more spider friends, soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I will never look at a spider quite the same!

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