05 August, 2010

Prancing Out an Old Saying

I find it interesting to watch my feelings now that Prop. 8 case was ruled in our favor. Not that I expected anything else as there was never a good anti-marriage case presented. Did my happiness at any time base itself on this case? I have to really examine how much I let exterior forces sway my personal happiness. …even a little. With the love I have from my partner, who often says being involved in politics is messy, it really doesn't matter. If I can marry him or not will never change what we have, so I am more involved in watching my mind and the effects of all this hate shined on this matter. But like we used to say in Jr. High, “You are not the boss of me!” And if it was worded “You are not the boss of my mind,” it would be better and almost dhamma like. Maybe earning a Buddhalicious stamp of approval. My mind and how I feel is my business and a little more legal rights will be great, but ultimately is never the sole determining factor for my happiness. I have been through a lot worse.


Adam said...

Get married quick! There's a fairly good chance this will go to the SCOTUs, and the CW says prop 8 would stand if it went before the current court.

Was Once said...

Thanks, but I have a foreign born and currently living partner right now in the midst of his Masters....I've emailed my lawyer to see if it would be to his advantage.

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