07 September, 2013

Universe Unfolding Its’ Plan

Having just gone through the sonic birth part of M.B.L., and the resulting exhausting dreams, unloading tons of past experiences… it becomes apparent that the way I got to this point was not really my own doing. I rode a landslide down a hill in one dream, almost like skiing on the rocks, landing upright with a huge boulder resting beside me…spurred to manifest because of a song I heard. People in the dream asked why I went that way, I said, “Because, I had to!”

Sure, we all would like to think in command of it all because of our ego-based consciousness, but it was what the universe had planned for me… even our birth. If you put aside all the strange things that lead me here, and how many hundreds of unrelated (we think) people are involved it was not a very direct path. Taking a helicopter view of my life, certainly, one could never have planned all this... in an effort to save my life. Now, I have to turn it around enough to help other people after they and the universe helped me. It has been a fun journey, if one doesn't take the hard parts personally and fully understand why you're still around. It feels like one is living in the Perplexus of life, the ball is constantly falling off the track, and you have to twist it and start again taking a different and more cautious route. In our pursuit of safety or what we think is known we are forgetting that we can out maneuver what the universe had planned for us.

I was talking with a friend about trying to take ownership of my latest venture, but knowing although it felt like it was the next smart move to find peace, I really did nothing but bump into the next thing. Perhaps, I was in the right place and time, possessing the correct mind space to accept what is present at this very moment. The universe had its’ plan and really all I have to do is just exist, as it will determine my course and even when I die. We falsely believe that we do things, but life lives us not the other way around.

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