20 November, 2013

A Thank You and Temple Retreat Site

It had been riding around in the back of my head for some time, to go back and pay respects to the Bhikkhu/abbott(Phra Apisit)who ordained me in 2009. Posts starting here. I heard a few years ago he had a serious blood condition and spent a lot of time in the hospital, and now he is OK, and now seemed like a good time to visit him. The reason was more about the fact that this was the first person I had met who had wisdom. At the time I had no idea what he had at that time, but I wanted to model my goals to get close. Now, after several years in became evident that what the abbott had and still has is equanimity. I have since met other monks similar with equanimity. 

I booked a flight and made arrangements in Fang with his staff, to come to see him, bringing two wonderful hard cover Dhamma books I got from a friend here in Bangkok. They are probably the best English translated versions of the main kinds of Thai meditation taught here laid out clearly in one volume and a book of teachings in the other. It would be a perfect gift, since now,  in addition to foreigner ordination(see link)(http://www.templeretreatthailand.com), they have a different site nearby for retreat style meditation because temple life is busy with a school on the property full of novices. This location is much quieter being away from the major road, so you don’t hear motorcycles on the main road like the temple grounds. I would recommend it to people who want to get to know how a temple works, and perhaps ordain, or practice Vipassana.
Kuti's are new, and some donated by other foreigners. Dana based. Mosquitos are minimal, since the fish eat them! And if your practice needs a real push then you can walk a short bit and meditate at the cremation grounds!

Kuti interior
Kuti Bathroom

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