12 July, 2009

An Artist's Job ...is to See

In the hot seat of Chusak Srikwan's ox hide dragon.

It made me recall what my house cleaner said when she heard me listening to Pali chants to practice. When she heard the precepts, she said when they get to the one about killing and the one about adultery, "I just remain silent."

Bangkok's rich(the kids in masks looking) and poor(begging at a bustop) beautifully composed by Therakiat Wangwatcharakul, but mysteriously hung hidden by a pillar. Hence the bad photo, sorry.

The erotic lazer cut stories of bonding told by Wu Jian'an. Once dreamed of, they can never leave the deep recesses of one's mind. Desires, that are sure to disappoint, that are better left in our imagination. I am assuming that why they lost their heads in this hell.

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