16 July, 2009

Love Means....

This is more than done, so I thought I would write about this, in the hopes it will help others. Even after 8 years there are still some things we can butt heads on. Yes, love between my partner and I is firmly entrenched... but, of course, we still get wake up calls when things get a little spooky. Moods play a huge role, and with one mood from either one us we can set the world afire. One day, meeting after his school he was a bit moody and was curt with me, and I decided to take offense at it, by calling him on it. It was the wrong move, because he likes to indulge in his moods, letting them run their course until he tires of it. It has nothing to do with me or us. I have to really give up on the idea of him understanding that his moods can affect us, because it goes both ways. I know he is stubborn beyond my limits, so I just joke with him and tell him “Love means never having to say you’re ugly.” I should know by now that with his master’s and work he is just over it, and it is hard to turn off that drive when through. I applaud him for going this far. FWUMP! upside da head. Changing the world, does not apply to boyfriends. Soon enough it becomes a joke between us, if ... I just let go.
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Jungle Girl said...

Wise words, wise words, harder to do when faced with the grump! It's always good to have an awareness though - I'm the moody half in my set up,and i try to check myself often and maintain an awareness of how my softer, more pliable partner accommodates my fluctuations and rolls with my pseudo-craziness. It's a beautiful thing to do for someone you love, and so few people are capable of it. I really appreciate that he manages my moodiness, and am truly grateful I've got a mellow soul by my fiery side.

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