09 July, 2009

A Simple Clear Day Conclusion

A wonderful sunset after a clear day, brought to us not by Kodak but by afternoon rains almost every day. The kind of day when you rediscover happily again, your love of life. I had a late lunch of soup, in an almost empty outdoor restaurant. I played with their new cute puppy with a razor back black line on his spine. His new teeth cut my hand but it was all done in play. He never meant to hurt and we were busy playing. I luckily had some alcohol hand cleaner, so I don’t worry. Great inexpensive soup so I ordered a second one. My favorite soup: rice noodles, pork, and pork blood with lots of dried chili.
Then off to meditate at temple, right as the rains started. They have Pali prayers with Dhamma talks in Thai ongoing while they have meditation cushions laid out. Prostrate for the bones that supposed are Buddha’s, but if that is so… he was giant bigger than a mastodon with all the places that claim this. They mean well, but we don’t really need bones just more meditation to try out the teaching’s wisdom in our heart against our experience. This right in the middle of busy Bangkok, which makes even more special. Once in a beautiful jungle setting that has since been torn down for shopping malls, but you almost would not know it while there. Except for the huge buildings that squeeze the land that Buddha’s peace hold. In a strange way I would like to be around when the malls disintegrate, which here happen faster than the temples, luckily. Everything is impermanent; all you have to do is look at your face in the mirror each day. Proof is right in front of you. If you still don’t believe, just grab a five-year old photo of you. Hey, where was that 10 yr old kid you were once? Poof.

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