22 July, 2009

The Rain Break in a Peaceful Afternoon

I managed to go out to see another Wat that I had on my list while my partner is busy with work and school. So, when a friend said come and I’ll meet you there, I jumped. I headed to Wat PakNam Phasi Charoen as soon as the rain stopped. Like perfect timing the sun came out as soon as I arrived. What a beautiful huge temple grounds along a Thonburi khlong. Recently redone teak pillars and ceiling in adjoining buildings. The marble or alabaster Buddha across the khlong is from Burma. Very peaceful, so much so, that I was amiss at having no time to meditate there. It does provide me with the desire to join their sangha. They also have a fair amount of nuns. Later over a late lunch my friend helped to coordinate the Pali cd I have with the book so I can learn it easier.

And just like life's unpre-dictability, in the cab the driver said, "LOOK!" And I got to see a horrible accident, and the young man covered in blood from a motorcycle wreck with no helmet and face down on the ground. It was ghastly, but more so, it was so disheartening. Because no one is helping him, and just standing around looking at him. But luckily an ambulance was racing past us to him at that moment. I did a prayer and told he driver to turn off his radio for a somber reflective ride in the rain back to BTS.

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