14 May, 2009

Gold Buddha's New Home and Tara Appears

I was talking to my sister about being here, living in my brain most of the time, because most have no idea of the extent of my brain injury. It makes me physically tired to deal with others, especially when trying to communicate. I know that my sufferings are minor compared to what others deal with on a day to day, just trying to find money to eat for example. Perhaps this negates my suffering, because it only dwells within the confines of my mind.This alone is one good reason to pursue Buddhist Dharma, to get of the self-concern I sometimes have.

On a brighter note, I went to view the progress on Wat Traimut’s new temple to give the proper glory to the solid gold 5.5 ton Buddha. It is marvelous, and almost done and it looks they are shooting for dedication on the King’s birthday they missed last year. I was hoping to find a CD of the moving of the Buddha to the new location by crane. It was a crane accident many years ago that exposed the plaster to view gold underneath. I can’t really express how impressive it is and I have not even walked up the steps. I can easily understand the delays in finishing, and I could see in some workers eyes their honor in working on this while laying marble stone at the base .

Later much to my amusement I ran into a Chinese Mahayana Avalokiteshvara temple, she is known in Tibet as Tara and in China as Guan Yin. I was involved in a Tara empowerment before I left home and she found me here. I missed this in previous trips here, so maybe she is seeking me to remind me that my suffering is meaningless and have more compassion for others.

I was given impromptu, a Guan Yin cast statue by friends of my aunt and uncle last year as well. While I am posting this I was listening to "Drala, Child of Illusion," and for the first time I realized that they chant in the song, Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha. I replayed it to make sure, because this is too weird. So, I guess she working hard to find me.

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