29 June, 2007

High-tech Dishwasher

Last night I volunteered to help at a dinner-lecture for at risk kids to develop skills in the new century. That is, after they are out of jail, instead of being tempted or bored, to fall back into the same bad circle, they get fun education in the high tech world. This will make them have marketable skills like computer design. After hearing two kids talk who are in the program it seems to me they probably had got in trouble because they had some innate skills that were untapped. They were excited, which that alone helps to keep them out of trouble. Yes, give them new computers, programs and instruction and they fly! I was proud to be involved even if it was on a minor level. But, maybe I should commit a crime to get updated computer skills! Now, that’s an idea.
Today, I awoke to face a dishwasher repairman. I have an old but well-made machine, that I am trying to keep her from a hot date with the Tinman. I'm talking about the throw away culture based on planned obsolesces. Mark my words it will be too soon when IPhones become tired as soon as the batteries die. Truthfully, I really don't want to spend $2000 to replace a good 10 year old $1000 dishwasher. Anyway, He was back with the heater I needed to make her warmup. Silly me, had searched on the net, and was floored that they were charging me like double the cost of the part. Now, this in addition to 2 hours of service that totals the price of roundtrip tickets coast to coast. Should I contact BBB to say they are scamming the disabled? I had to think and rethink how I would confront them. Luckily my Buddhist teachings helped to put my mind at ease about whether this was directed at me or not. So none of that “why me” we all like to toss in our heads. I talked to his boss on the phone, who bullheadly rationalized the price and clearly not the nicest person in the world…so I quickly passed the phone back to the repairman. The repairman was a very calm and genuine person, so he did not embody the crime. The repairman said that with the high cost of gas and yellow pages ads, they have to charge more for parts. This softened me some after being in business and experiencing this first-hand. The boss talked to his employee, and he offered $30 off the job. I took it even though it was only token, because I could use the peace of mind more than the money that was involved here. She was fixed and purring, so that fun morning was done. So, I was pretty happy at not getting too upset, and to deal with the money loss…hell, I’ll just eat ramen for a month!

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