24 June, 2007

A Late Choke

It’s late now, I am home after a party put on by a friend I have known for twenty years. I enjoyed myself meeting new people as well as connecting with old friends. I bought old photos of a few us to the party and someone else did as well. It was so amazing looking at photos taken nearly 20 years ago, and I was still mature and worldly looking at that age. The host said I have not changed a bit, and that I look as good now as I did then. All I can attribute it to is not smoking and being physically fit…and perhaps a few good genes thrown in. In the middle of the party while eating a pizza someone brought, suddenly I was choking. This happens occasionally when it is noisy or hectic and I can’t concentrate on eating and swallowing. One of the many carryovers from my brain injury. Panicking and unable breathe, I found myself trying to cough it up. It was frightening that no one tried to help, although they were looking at me. Funny thing is a few people are in the health field. Luckily, I was able to cough up what I did not properly chew. It is nice to be relaxed enough among friends that I can do what I need to do. A few people asked where I was from, not knowing I have a brain injury. But no one was interested to find out how it happened, so I was spared having to explain. Most of these people that needed to know, did not pursue any more conversation. I am fine with that! I still had love from my good friends, and I am not greedy.

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