30 June, 2007

That miracle

What if I told you one of the great things that meditation brings you is the ability to see small miracles in the world. That is, things that you are too busy or angry to possibly experience. Yesterday, it was a handsome straight man who was returning to his seat at the bar after smoking outside. I was standing by his stool while ordering a quick beer before going to a friend’s house. I was near his seat, paying the bartendress her tip, he walked towards me smiling, while saying, I paid for him. It was just a friendly joke just to show he was not hostile, that made me comfortable. His smile was that miracle. It was nothing more than this.

Today a friend, called to invite me to join him in getting old political art we produced 17 years ago. We made history and now our work is held hostage in a historical society. Fancy that! And while there, I joked they should have a freezer for our remains, which will all too shortly be there. Gay cryonics on display with disco music playing, a revolving disco ball and the atmospheric scent of Armani. I’m there already, just missing a few more mothballs. Going through history that was not in our own closet, but in the collection of an important historical society gives me a sense of purpose when I saw the art we had originally produced, contained there. We spent time laughing and talking about what brought us to this point. I have been letting life happen to me, with no or little expectations and I am happily pleased. Today, was one of those examples.
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