01 July, 2007

Prisoner of Sorts

Sometimes you got to do the things that you don’t like. An early morning meeting with a client, just to let them babble on about their own life enabling them to get used to me. Walked away 2 1/2 hours later, and not a penny richer but was able to get under their skin. So I know they will call me when it is time to get started. I have to play games, never give out my phone number, and communicate by emails. I learned the hard way, when new people hear my voice, they immediately think “Quasimodo”. They ever say, “Thanks, but no thanks” or pretend they have a wrong number. Figuring two can play that game. Upon meeting me and thus feeling better, they joke, “So, that is why no phone number!” If I laugh with them, and they think they are so smart. Best of all, I am calm enough to work around other people’s fears and not fight them. Happy that when I left we felt like old friends after talking about other things than what they needed. I know it is important to give them a little bit of your life beyond work so that they feel connected. Came home a little tired, because speaking to new people for that long wears me out. I wanted to nap, but went directly to the computer to forward my other good clients emails to them.
Then I left to enjoy the sun, by going to the park to meditate. Full of kids, and happy noise yet I was still able to go inside myself for 40 minutes. Upon returning home I got tangled up in figuring how to use a new program to protect my photos. Finally, and again calmly eliminating bad results over a four hours time period, that any sane person would spend outdoors. I put fun on the backburner, just make me feel ok about providing my own photos on the blog.

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