13 July, 2007

Right, bicycles

Driving my car, the other day I signaled to turn right. Looking carefully, because I was aware that I passed two bicycles, a block earlier and they were moving fast. I stopped to let them ride by, before completing my turn. Suddenly, the woman in the SUV behind me blew her horn. We are talking about 45 seconds, before I turned after they passed safely. I took a lot not to jump out of my car and point to the two bicycles to the impatient woman. I had to remind myself again, that everyone wants to be happy. If I had made a scene, all it would make her do is become more upset. This might actually set in motion a chain reaction where more people would be caught in her impatience, after I pointed out how silly she was. I have a lot in my mind and I can only guess that she may, as well. “Being right,” that thing I sometimes get caught up in, that does not offer much in sharing the world and peace. This for me, came out of being looked down upon as a gay person, especially when I was young and vulnerable. Being right when you are told that you are wrong. It may still an issue with society, but I hope I can evolve myself. That, I can change.

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