08 July, 2007

Clean House

Someone the other day, asked me, “Who cleans your house?” I told them, “You are looking at him.” I think when comes the time to get help to clean your house, you either are too damn busy, or you have too much stuff. Now, this does not take in consideration of the handicapped, elderly or single working moms. But in general, there is something to be said about taking care of your space and the pride that comes with it. I was just out of the hospital with a stomach tube, exhausted with the healing process of the brain that needed tons of sleep and I still was happy to be able to clean my own house. That meant I was getting better. What about cleaning house in your mind? Do you think you just store thousands of worries, disappointments, signs of anger in there, without some leakage? Someone will see you don’t have a “clean house” one day, and usually won’t be a day you picked. Now I am nowhere close to perfect, so I am always working on it. Today, for example a friend needed to talk to me very impromptu. I was going to leave to go home, but this was important for him to talk. I just thought about putting my own wishes aside, and I am glad I did. I am honored to find out how much he cares about others. I have to remind myself to be a listener, so that others will listen to me… which can be extremely difficult.

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