07 July, 2007

Be somebody

Are we what people see, or what we want people to see? Almost 45 years after Marilyn Monroe’s death, we are still dying our hair, and getting pretty. Too pretty, to match our favorite star. And, for what? …to hide our insecurities? We are human, and we do have flaws, and trying to live up to ideals of perfection thanks to advertising. I am not talking about basic care like washing and putting on clean clothes, People that let it all go, need help. I am really talking about showing people who you really are, not some TV reality show version of you. What happens when the person you are interested in, finally gets to know you, without all the bells and whistles? You will be so unlike how you presented yourself, enough to facilitate a “buyer’s remorse” claim. Any wonder why 11 million Americans are on antidepressants? Perhaps they are depressed because they don’t know who they really are or facing it made them sad. You are not what you own or wear, or for that matter, how great your hair looks. It can be scary to be yourself, but can be so liberating. It just might help to turn off all the noise to meditate and find out who you really are.

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