19 July, 2007

Smart People

Well, today we find out that bad loans by banks on houses could eventually lead to over $100 billion in losses. “Smart people” loaned money to those that can’t pay it back, then they were smart enough to sell them again leaving our already bankrupt government holding the bag. Now who exactly loosed these loan restrictions? Meanwhile the borrowers were out shopping with their newfound “wealth,” came home and the house was gone.

So, I am going out berry picking to get in practice for having to live off the land. This will also allow me time to figure out how we can teach young people to be tolerant and make smart choices in life. Perhaps a website that is educationally awesome. I am amazed that having to watch 50’s era filmstrips in my poor school in the 70’s that even I came out O.K. Perhaps it instilled in me a healthy dose of skepticism. Check out P.O.V film, Chances of the World Changing by Eric Daniel Metzgar and Nell Carden Grey.

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