03 July, 2007

Shoot High

Let’s celebrate this funny desire here to live beyond your means. Just about everyone around me has or wants to have a Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, etc. You know so many of these people cringe when the lease payment comes each month. Perhaps, they thought they were so smart borrowing on their house to buy one. Guess what? Just like fireworks, they all coming crashing down one day, if not financially…spiritually. Do these cars really make you happy, especially when someone backs into it or scratches it? I figure if you can afford it, you can buy it outright. But wouldn’t it be better to buy a nice used car and help poor people? I know it is a huge sacrifice to give up something you really want to help others. I will tell you when you get close to your death, you will be glad you did. Helping others will give you a real sense of purpose, next only to that, I suppose, of having your own child. I know this from experience, and drive an old car and help a poor family, so I am not talking out of silly habit. Plus, if you know me, I give gifts of donations in your name instead of gifts. That helps to lessen the non-stop garage sales for those that have everything they want. A few people, when they bought my birthday gift that I asked for, like a donation to a Mercy Corps, have actually told me they felt better. There is another one of my charities listed in my favorite sites, Street Friends. After seeing poor children, some with mine destroyed limbs, I knew I had to help. You can just send the amount you spend on two cups of coffee a week, and hardly change anything in your life. In turn you are able to help kids learn and have hope. Giving up the new car I know was a stretch, but I always shoot high.

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