20 July, 2007

Gate of Possibilities

Last night I was treated to a free preview of “No End in Sight”, a film that details the people in charge of letting the Iraq War spiral to where it is today. I always thought the war was a made excuse to grab some power in the Mideast, but there are things that I was totally surprised on. Like the disconnect of the decision makers and the ground, some of them had never been there. I won’t detail it for you as the film opens in August, and it well worth your time to find out how it really got this bad. The people who presented it was The Center for American Progress, a think tank who are trying to be smart about how to effectively get us out of there(http://www.americanprogress.org/). After I was lucky enough to see a neighbor after and invited him for wine and a discussion about the film that we both saw.
I really think we do want an intelligent group involved to undo the horrendous mistakes made there. These, in my mind, resulted in our huge karmic debt to the people who lost their lives there, both American and Iraqies. I am hoping we Americans will feel this guilt, and a gate of concern and responsibility will flood us. It may mean learning more and spending more time involved, but lives are at stake…may in the not too distant future be our own.

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