11 July, 2007

In one quick minute

Just when you think you are invincible, you are reminded that even you are only human…in one quick minute. I had a nice lunch with a good friend of mine at a seafood restaurant. This is one that I have noticed for almost a year. One day, a couple of months ago I was riding public transportation by the place and I had a funny, bad feeling involving some foresight. It was like feeling sick when I went by, that actually kept me from going there earlier. It was a real premonition that I chose to ignore because it was not like a hammer to the head. Well, you guessed it. I got terrible food poisoning within three hours when my body worked hard to get rid of the clams I had. Which brings me back to the premonition I had just before my medical nightmare where I was lucky enough to get my dual strokes from two Doctors errors. At that time, I actually voiced the fear I had to a close friend just before getting out of her car when she drove me there. We are usually so busy in life that subtleties like a premonition are easily ignored. I know my mom has some powers like this, which we always dismissed as the kookiness of having children. That makes moms closer to their feelings they have after they have carried you in their womb. Now, not only to have to apologize to my mom again....but, I have to learn how to pick these up that I miss.

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