12 July, 2007


Yesterday, before eating at the ill-fated restaurant, (read below) I waited for my friend outside. I sat on the ground resting against a pole, reading a new book. Nearby a Volvo had a dog inside with all the windows rolled up on a sunny day. As man walked back to the car after being in a store shopping, and I said you could have killed that dog in the less than ten minutes with the heat. He replied, “Whatever”. Then another guy stopped and asked my directions to a near-by street. I gave him the most direct path there, but he did not believe me. He walked into a store close to me, obviously to ask them and walked out….walking the opposite way than what I told him. I was trying to hold my chagrin back, when after 10 minutes walking in the wrong direction, he came walking back by me. I said now what is the point in lying to you? He said, “Whatever”. Now this is either a sign of people not understanding me with my disability, or the general dumbing down of America. Or, I can take this as one more way to remind me that I am not the most important person in the world.

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