26 June, 2007

Odd man out

I walked home from Temple, happy but thinking how I should present the reasons for the following videos Fight Hate Crimes! and Lift the Ban. I could tell you many stories, some quite sad but I'll just make this short and sweet. School for me was pretty traumatic, only because I was different than most other boys. I was fairly masculine, but not enough for the others' satisfaction. In junior high I had friends and my dirt bike, which allowed me to get out of the house and to work. All through school I got teased by a lot of bullies and even one high school coach, calling me "faggot". One time it was enough to make me fight back with a bat in baseball when my pants were pulled down. Sheesh, did I feel alone that day when no one stood up for me. That helped me and combined with my Dad who helped to get me out of P.E. He did this only because he hated P.E. and not because had real revelation as to who I was, as an individual. My friends left a lot to be desired, and a few of them ended up stealing cars. I passed on this, which that alone made me a sissy, but saved my life when one ended up dead. One friend was shot in the back by the police while he was scaling a fence fleeing from the crime scene. Thankfully, I had my job, some good sense and kept fairly busy. I wanted to be approved by my peers, but in almost all cases I never really was until I left high school. So by being assaulted all through school, many times in life and at jobs, I can identify with Hate Crime victims. Plus I feel that I have made a significant contribution to society, paid my taxes, and never been arrested so it is time to Lift the Ban!

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