09 August, 2007

Don't Bag Your Intuition

I started out this day wanting to write about my feelings on some news. I was reading BBC, and next thing I know I am running off to meet a client and now have just settled down after dinner. In between, I saw my current client at the project, went shopping for food, and then back to complete some computer work on her job. My current client asked me how work is coming in, and I told her that I am patiently waiting for her referral, jokingly. Would you believe it as soon as I got home before meeting her again, I nabbed another commercial client? Meaning it was in the air, and I wonder if it because of her intuition. Our intuition is still a very important sense that we often ignore in the face of hard facts. These same hard facts would be softer if we had listened to our intuition. I know there are several times I chose to ignore and paid the consequences which I have spoke about before in this blog.
Well, here is my news item, we are still finding our ancient history in this world, but quickly destroying this same world. In one week they have discovered 11 million year old trees in Hungary and a statue of a Roman 1st century emperor in marble in Turkey. While we keep pumping out pollution to make sure we everything we could possibly want in life. Do you think we can just remember to carry our own cloth bags when we shop? It would be a start, in allowing our children to continue the discovery of our amazing world.

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