13 August, 2007

Relish Gray Areas

I have always found that seeing things not as black and white helps to make us more understanding. If you are able to see the gray areas then you are able to compromise more often. Of course this comes against the American sense of being right all the time. Today, my client saw something she liked better than my proposal, so I reluctantly incorporated my idea with it. I am against it, but it is not worth the discussion why my ideas are better. Instead, making them happy will serve both of us better in the long run. Sure, it makes me wonder why hire a professional, and then not take his or her thought out concept But who am I? Now you can take this idea into everyday life, when you come up against conflict with people and friends. Try to see it in shades of gray that can be interpreted a wide variety of ways, and look towards final outcome that is amicable. What a great beautiful day, and here I am with a B&W shot. I am in a great mood and will show you all some color, soon!

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