10 August, 2007

Now, Which Room?

Well, I got the commercial job, and it is working with nice people. It will provide me with an important piece for my book. I am excited about making the building handsome and inviting because it is in a famous area. It also has ‘great bones’ like my mom used to say to me when looking for a mate or for that matter a house. Speaking of mate, I got to chat with my partner when he got his college grades and it was another bonding moment. Sadly his misses me, but this is one of the many facts of being gay with no rights. We, at least, don’t let this stop us, even after 6 years with our long range plan of uniting permanently when he graduates from college. After a long day with two clients and an early meeting planned tomorrow, it looks like I have a full weekend making the world a “purdee” place. At least this makes others and me happy. Warming up the magical wand!

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