02 August, 2007

Big Things

The small things in life are something we quickly miss or forget. The big things are often a result of many small things. With sleep we can go to places we make up, in ways we can never do while we are awake. And while awake we can encounter unique coincidences we could only invent in our dreams. Today, I was listening to RadioLab on Zoos and Alan Rabinowitz was interviewed. He just so happens to be the same person who wrote the book I am currently reading(Beyond the Last Village). Listening to the interview I found out he is a compassionate person. Perhaps, it is because he had trouble talking as a boy, until he was discovered talking to his animals in the dark. He took this further to a career, once he learned to speak to people, working with nature and animals. I did not know this from the book, which I just started, and now it will take on greater meaning. I often wonder that once people who I meet get beyond my voice, does it become a small thing? For me it started me taking a hard look at being more compassionate. It was a weird coincidence that the most difficult thing I could ever dream of, was also the greatest gift I ever received.

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